Close Encounters: Safari on Foot in Tanzania

See hippos, crocs and elephants in Ruaha National Park
Mark Thornton Safaris

Since a recent boundary extension, Ruaha is now the largest park in Tanzania and, along with several adjoining game reserves, part of a massive mega-wilderness.

The park has only a handful of tented campsites, all of which are concentrated in one condensed area, leaving a vast system of woodlands and rivers to explore. This year, Ruaha wardens are making that easier than ever by opening up the major roadless sections of the park to a limited number of walking excursions. You can spot the Big Four (no rhinos) and experience true seclusion in the park.

Mark Thornton Safaris seems to be leading the pack, with a few new Ruaha itineraries this year, along with Immersion Journeys. "Often we focus on the river systems with hippos, crocs, and elephants," says Mark Thornton, of his namesake company's trips. "We also venture deep into the miombo woodlands for what we feel may be the deepest remote bush immersion there is."

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