The Benefits of Exercising While Pregnant

Fitness expert and mom Nicole Glor shares advice on exercising during pregnancy

It’s just about May and that means Mother’s Day is coming up, so it seems now is a great time to highlight the importance of fitness during pregnancy. When it comes to pre-natal fitness, who better to ask than a fitness guru and mother—we turned to Nicole Glor who is a personal trainer, HIIT class instructor, yoga teacher, fitness writer and a mom with her second child on the way.

Seven months pregnant, Glor has made fitness a top priority, continuing workouts through both of her pregnancies. She shared some of her favorite ways to stay fit while pregnant and has also seen many of the benefits of exercise first-hand.

“The benefits of staying active include more than being fit for labor,” said Glor. “Pre-natal workouts help reduce stress, release feel-good endorphins and burn extra calories.”

She also mentioned that everyday activity gets tough toward the end of pregnancy and staying in shape during the first few months can help when it gets to that late point. “keep up your endurance for walking up steps and doing errands in your last month.”

Additionally, Glor said exercise can help pregnant women “cut leg cramps, maintain good posture and tone arm muscles for holding the little tot when he [or] she arrives!”

Though it’s good to keep in shape before the baby comes, if you haven’t exercised much before, you shouldn’t start on a tough regimen while pregnant. Walking is usually a good choice for most moms-to-be, but check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan. Once cleared for exercise, physical activity can be great for you and your baby.

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