Bear Grylls Wants You For His New Show. Be Careful!

Will Grylls' new show, 'Get Out Alive', survive network TV?

Bear Grylls will be returning to the wild July 8th with 20 ordinary people in tow. Grylls is hosting a new show on NBC called Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls.

The show is a competition featuring 10 pairs of contestants who must work together to survive the wilds of New Zealand’s South Island. Grylls, following the group along their journey, will send one team packing a week. The winning duo will be the team that he believes has shown the most heart, courage, initiative and resolve in their quest to “get out alive.”

This is Grylls’ first go at network television. His hit show Man vs. Wild highlighted the unique set of survival skills he acquired as a member of British Special Forces and as someone who climbed Mt. Everest at 23—only two years after breaking his back. As the youngest ever Chief Scout in Britain, Grylls has ample experience leading others. It will be difficult (and certainly inadvisable) for the contestants to replicate the near-death escapes that Bear became famous for.

With Grylls at the helm, this show could certainly be the next Survivor on steroids. But in an interview with The Mother Nature Network, Grylls revealed the inherent problem of normal people attempting to be like Bear.

“Accidents happen when people are tired, and they're exhausted and they just slip on a little ledge and then they're gone. You take rookies into the wild, it's always exponentially more dangerous.”

Without the know-how of a wilderness MacGyver (see Bear avoid hypothermia by making a seal-skin wetsuit), how will average Joes captivate audiences like their host? Here's a preview.