Back on Track: 13 Ways to Get Excited About Running Again

Runners share the inspiring things that keep them excited and enthusiastic about the sport

Even the most dedicated and enthusiastic of runners can fall out of love with the sport sometimes.

When you fall off track, for whatever reason, it might feel like nothing in the world could reignite that fervent passion you once had for running; that exciting rush of adrenaline you felt while lacing up your shoes and prepping a kick-butt playlist before heading out to hit the road.

You wonder how it could have disappeared and if you’ll ever get it back.

Today, runners who were once in your position are here to tell you that you will. You will totally rekindle your love for running and regain all of the excitement you once had for the sport, and then some.

To help spark that flame, we asked our readers to share what gets them excited about running—especially after periods when they had fallen off track or lost their “groove.”

Here’s what they had to say.

“An injury running while pregnant threw me off track but the dream of my first marathon this fall has me determined to come back.” —@Momrunsmiles

“I fell way off track when I was hit by a truck, but through positive thinking & exercise I got happy again.” —@Amy_Rankin04

“I was in a major running slump over the winter, I went back and read 'Born to Run' again. Snapped me right out of it!” —@sean516

“The feeling of accomplishment and also the euphoric 'runner's high' during/after a great run. I also love to run in new places while traveling. It's exciting to see so many new places on foot.”

“Crossing the finish line.” —@annie_rabe

“Thinking about what I get to eat when I'm done.” —@kitkatrooks19

“Running with friends gets me excited. There's a bond between runners that is just awesome.” —@girlsgotsole

“Hearing the pride in my boys' voices when they say they want to run like mommy,” —@alandrews79

“New running gear!” —@findyourstrong13

“A nice day, a color coordinated outfit, and a long road.” —@lillyhoodenpyle

“Training hard for a new race distance, or a new time goal, and crossing that finish line! There is no better feeling of accomplishment than that!” —@triandrungirl

“How the real world disappears; worries, troubles... And you just live in the now, when you run you are always present.” —@marielvelag

“Earphones in, Taylor Swift blasting, a pavement pounding karaoke session.” —@clairebearsings