Are Craft Beers Associated With Better Health?

Local breweries may bode well for states' well-being
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What’s better than sitting down with an ice-cold (or if you're a purest, a 45F or above) craft brew? Or, even better, cracking open a well-regarded can at your campsite? Not much. And good news for anyone who champions his or her local brewery: States that have the most breweries per capita tend to be healthier, according to a breakdown by The Atlantic Cities. Here’s how it shakes out.

A higher number of craft breweries is correlated with:

  • Lower rates of obesity
  • Higher levels of happiness and well-being
  • Lower rates of smoking
  • Higher levels of education

There you have it, folks! The lucky/smart states topping the list (in order) are Vermont, Montana, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho and Wisconsin, while New Mexico, New Hampshire and Michigan come close, still boasting more than one brewery per 100,000 residents.

In our humble opinion, it's no coincidence that the most craft breweries spring up in states with a general reputation for outdoorsiness and adventure. And that these states also score well in terms of overall health and happiness. Outdoorspeople know how to work hard then relax hard—and tend to have a thing for quality, whether it’s in our gear or our drink. So while this correlation isn't necessarily cause-and-effect, we see cause for celebration with, of course, a local craft brew. 

Read the full Atlantic article here.

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