#10 Gulfport, Miss. from America's 10 Least Fit Cities

America's 10 Least Fit Cities

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#10 Gulfport, Miss.

After the state’s capital, Jackson, Gulfport is Mississippi’s largest city. It placed poorly in our rankings due to an inactive population that demonstrates high rates of smoking and stress.
Katie Rosenbrock


#9 Sioux City, Iowa

In 2010 Sioux City was named the 14th drunkest city in America by the Daily Beast. Our research from this year suggests alcohol consumption might not be as frequent but the population is still struggling with weight and failing to meet national fitness guidelines.
—Diana Gerstacker


#8 Evansville, Ind.

As the largest city in Southern Indiana, Evansville serves as the areas economic and cultural center. However, despite a fairly large parks system and a few other fun attractions, our data shows that a large portion of this city’s population is inactive and overweight.
—Katie Rosenbrock

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#7 New Orleans, La.

The Big Easy has struggled with it’s larger-than-life reputation since French Colonial times. Best known for parties, festivals and food, the culture of the city is deeply rooted in celebrating through consumption. This tradition has led to large numbers of obese people, low rates of regular exercise and poor overall health status.
—Diana Gerstacker


#6 Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Tuscaloosa is actually considered one of America’s most liveable cities, at least according to the U.S. Conference of Mayors. However a population that demonstrates unhealthy cholesterol levels and high blood pressure rendered it a poor score according to our index.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#5 Charleston, W. Va.

The capital and largest city in West Virginia, Charleston makes our list due to poor general health ratings and poor strength training ratings. Charleston received a slightly better score for aerobic exercise, which could be explained by recent health initiatives like Power Walk 150.
—Diana Gerstacker


#4 Mobile, Ala.

As the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the United States Mobile is widely celebrated for its cultural history. While the area offers an array of attractions like art museums, gardens, and historic architecture an inactive population that fails to meet physical activity guidelines renders it relatively unfit.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#3 Kingsport, Tenn.

Kingsport ranked among the worst for general health status and exercise and also ranked poorly on the general well being index. Census data highlights poverty as a major problem for the population, which could account for low wellbeing scores and poor health status. According to the data, almost a quarter of the young population live below the poverty line.
—Diana Gerstacker


#2 Monroe, La.

A highly overweight and obese population earned this small Louisiana city a poor health grade.  Although there are a number of parks and recreational facilities available, the area suffers from high rates of crime and poverty.
—Katie Rosenbrock


#1 Huntington, W. Va.

This riverside city tops our list as the number one least fit in the nation and it has garnered similar attention from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2008, the CDC released a report that named Huntington among the unhealthiest cities in America. The report highlighted concerning health issues, including the fact that nearly half of the adult population was obese. Heart disease and diabetes were also wide-spread issues, likely due to the culture. The amount of pizza shops in Huntington outnumbers the amount of fitness centers in the entire state.
—Diana Gerstacker

America's 10 Least Fit Cities