15 Extreme Sports That Can Kill You

Get ready for the most intense adrenaline rush of your life


The most intense adrenaline rushes of your life are lived through some of the most extreme sports ever created. Daredevils are redefining the meaning of adventure, taking average sports such as rock climbing, canoeing and diving, and turning them into deadly ventures.

Risking their lives, they find pleasure in jumping off tall cliffs, diving into striking caves, and hopping on wild bulls. It is a rush for them, a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when paddling to a place that no other person has gone before, standing on top of a moving airplane and being one of the only people to reach the peak of a challenging mountain.[slideshow:82210]

Knowing the possible risks, it is incredible that so many people participate in these extreme sports. These sports are not for everyone, you must be brave enough to look death right in the face, put on your gear, and take the chance of a lifetime. Those, who choose to participate in these extreme sports, risk their life due to falling, equipment malfunctions, high altitudes, avalanches and crashes.

Stand on the edge, stand right on the mouth of death, and experience the most exhilarating, but without a doubt the most dangerous, adrenaline-pumping extreme sports!


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