The Best “Adventurous” Trips for Non-Adventurous People

Just because you don't like climbing, doesn't mean you can't go on top of tall mountains


In theory, everybody wants to go ice climbing, camping in Antarctica and skydiving. In practice, not everybody has the courage (or desire) to jump off the tallest building in the world. Falling from extremely high altitudes can be a petrifying experience.[slideshow:89621]

Less adventurous people should not feel left out. Tour operators know how they feel and have adapted. Visiting a natural wonder is possible with a helicopter; don’t risk dehydration or heatstroke by hiking the Grand Canyon in the summer.

This is also true for winter adventures – exploring the Alps while on a luxurious gondola may be more appealing, to some, than climbing the Matterhorn, a giant horn-looking mountain, with the highest fatality rate in the Alps – 450 climbers have died until 2013. 

If you prefer a more balanced vacation, you can hike an active volcano for an adrenaline-pumping experience, followed by descending 400 feet to the bottom of the volcano's magma chamber in an open cable lift. You won’t have to do anything but look and enjoy the moment.

Not everybody wants to get sweaty and tired when they head out to explore the outdoors. There is nothing wrong with making frequent stops to take photos and enjoy the scenery. If this is the case, go on a soft adventure tour where you’ll go on active adventures but will have plenty of leisure time.

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