20 Warm Places We'd Rather Be Right Now

If you’re spending long days at the office dreaming of a warm, beautiful paradise…


Waking up to an uninspiring view is not a way to start your day. Gray clouds are blocking the sunshine, changing your mood for cheery to gloomy in minutes.

This is the kind of situation when many people find themselves daydreaming of vivid colors and crazy adventures on a beach or in the middle of a jungle.[slideshow:100365]

Let your imagination go rampant. Where would you like to go next? This is almost like a survival tool for when you have a bad day at work. Just look at your calendar and think: “In just 125 days, I’ll be in [insert dream vacation spot].”

Looking forward to happy moment puts a smile on your face and lowers your stress levels. The exciting feeling can only boost your happiness and research supports that theory.

Keeping your mind active and preoccupied with joyful concerns keeps winter blues” symptoms away because you’re concentrated on positive emotions.

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