World's Most Secluded Adventure Destinations

The world is not as small as technology and abundant access to transportation make it seem


The Internet often makes it look like there is no unexplored place left on the planet where people can go on vacation. You can find housing and suggestions of what to do with a single click. But small, secluded secret gems – some very far from any major cities – still offer adventure opportunities.[slideshow:89008]

Isolated and off the beaten path spots usually have a very well-preserved history and local culture which make them even more appealing and worth the trip. Oftentimes, traveling to the specific town or island is a quest on its own.

Secluded places will challenge you in more than one way – physically because getting there may require days of trekking and mentally because they will expand your horizons.

Go the most isolated town in Greenland and enjoy dog sledding, expedition cruises and wildlife like no other place on Earth; visit the area that often referred to as “the mountaineer’s paradise” to incredible winter adventures.

Go to Antarctica to hike an active volcano or relax in a hot spring, or explore the smallest and least-visited republic in the world. You may even say that you ran through a country in a day.

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