Most Isolated Towns in the World

Living “in the middle of nowhere” is not an exaggeration

You may be shocked to find out that some people actually do live in extreme conditions which vary from punishing cold climates to locations that are so remote mail is carried by mules. Visiting will often require you surviving astronomical distances whether by land, water or air.[slideshow:101048]

Do you think you can live in a place with no delivery services or nothing but sand, desert or mountains for hundreds of miles?

Oftentimes, traveling to a specific town or island is a quest on its own. Do you think you can at least visit if getting there requires a 6-day boat trip, a long hike along intense terrain, or biking down a road no cars can reach?

The Internet often makes it look like there is no unexplored places left on the planet where people can go on vacation. But small, secluded secret gems – some very far from major cities – still offer adventure opportunities.

Remote places will challenge you in more than one way – physically because getting there may require days of trekking and mentally because they will expand your horizons.

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