Adventure Travel Tip: Bring an (Extra) Base

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“On a bicycle tour, whether it’s guided or self-contained, always carry a spare base layer with you.  This layer will allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities that there are along the road to explore—from talking to people or visiting a site that you see along the route. Particularly helpful if you decide to duck into a grotto, old chilly castle, or trattoria, this base layer will keep you warm and able to enjoy every aspect of your tour.  Make sure that your extra layer is handy in case you need to take off your wet jersey to let it dry and enable you to warm up!”

—Igor Baccini is a tour leader and European bike fleet manager for ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours. He’s been working on bikes and sharing new aspects of the European landscape and lifestyle with customers for over 12 years, and is an avid bicycle traveler himself, with locations such as Ireland, Vietnam, and Sicily in his personal travel repertoire.

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