Active Essentials: Saline Solution for Spring and Beyond

A simple solution for reducing outdoor allergy symptoms

The right items in pack or pocket can make all the difference this summer. Find out what the gear experts from Active Junky recommend for all your amazing outdoor adventures.

What’s in the air lands in your nostrils, from fragrant flower aromas to irritants, allergens, viruses and bacteria. Saline streams into your life, clearing the air at home and away.

Our Experience:  Colds cut down in frequency and duration.  Better breathing after doing dust-provoking projects at home and powering through Atacama Desert sand clouds.  Less congestion at night for easier sleeping.  Requiring frequent use to be effective, this nearly free spray is available pre-packaged or can be formulated at home.

Others Who Agree:  WebMd sees it helping prevent the spread of infection to other sinuses.  Dr. Oz makes it “your first line of defense” in fighting and minimizing colds and flu. suggests saline can reduce allergy med use.  

Our Recommendation:  Give it a shot, heeding manufacturer warnings in light of any health concerns around sodium. We suggest Simply Saline Nasal Mist

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