8 Ways Exercise Helps You Focus at Work from 8 Ways Exercise Helps You Focus at Work

8 Ways Exercise Helps You Focus at Work

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8 Ways Exercise Helps You Focus at Work

Working a 9 to 5 job has its ups and downs. Staying motivated and not distracted while sitting in an office all day can be difficult. Whether it be a video of a dog riding a skateboard or an article about the latest celebrity gossip, distractions are everywhere.

But what if the simple act of going out for a quick walk, or keeping up with your exercise and fitness goals during the week could improve your in-office performance as well. Multiple studies show that exercise can boost many aspects of our internal wiring that actually enable better focus and performance. 

To discuss all the reasons that exercise is so important to our focus at work, I chatted with two experts. Clint Fuqua is a fitness trainer, health coach, speaker and author who has seen first hand just how important staying active can be. Danielle Girdano, trainer and President of D’fine Sculpting & Nutrition LLC also had helpful information on the relationship between exercise and focus at the job. 

Both trainers agree that physical exercise goes hand in hand with mental exercise. You need one for the other and these 8 ways exercise improves your focus at work prove how.


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