7 Fitness Products You've Probably Been Duped Into Buying

Instead of this worthless workout gear, try our expert-approved savvy swaps
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While a list of “worthless fitness products,” may bring to mind images of the Shake Weight, electrodes that promise six-pack abs, and Ellen on the Hawaiian chair, we’re not going to waste your time telling you not to buy them—because you know better than to be tricked into an As-Seen-on-TV craze.

But even outside of the infomercial world, the fitness industry is a sly one. With products that feel so seamlessly personalized to what athletes want and need, who among us hasn’t been guilty of buying a too-expensive, too-specific, or just straight-up wasteful product at one point or another?

Click here to see 7 worthless fitness products.

Don’t get duped again. We scoured online reviews, talked to consumers themselves, and got the low down from Landen Jones, an ACE-certified personal trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City (who also happens to have been voted “New York’s Hottest Gay Trainer 2013” in Next Magazine) to figure out which products you’ve been buying into that you shouldn't—and how to shop smarter. 

Click here for what to buy instead of this terrible workout gear.

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