7 Smart Snacking Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

How to maintain your healthy habits on game day

According to the Calorie Control Council, in addition to regular meals, on average Americans consume about 1,200 calories and 50 grams of fat from snacks on Super Bowl Sunday.

Of course, it’s OK to indulge on holidays and special occasions. A little bit of extra snacking or slightly overeating for one day likely won’t cause you to gain weight or negatively affect your health in a detrimental manner.  

But if you’d like to stay on top of your healthy eating game this Super Bowl Sunday, Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk, a health practitioner and the Chief Science Officer for Nudge (a health app that collects and sorts data from the most popular health and fitness apps) offers the following tips to help keep your habits on track.  

-Smart Snacking Tips for Super Bowl Sunday-

1. Plan to exercise in the morning. Getting in a good workout or even a brisk walk will rev up your “engines” for greater caloric expenditure.

2. Have a healthy mid-morning snack. Greek yogurt or cup of cottage cheese are good choices. Don’t “save up” your calories.  You want to go to the party in a state of nutritional equilibrium, not a caloric deficit.  

3. Use a small snack plate. This will help you to better control your portions, but make sure to limit your return trips. Plan to have one during the first half and one during the second half. 

4. Avoid cheeses and sauce dips. Each tablespoon is most likely 50 or more calories of not-so-healthy-nacho cheese.

5. Choose snacks higher in protein. These might include chicken wings, shrimp and lean meat. (Make sure to rub off the sauce and take off the skin.)

6. Avoid the chips. Hit the vegetable tray instead. Dip lightly or not at all so you can taste the vegetables.

7. Choose whole grain buns. If you can go without, do it.

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