6 New Fitness Apps that will Get You Off the Couch

Ultimate exercise motivation straight from your smartphone

We all need a little bit of help when it comes to getting motivated to exercise.

Everyone has their own techniques and strategies for ensuring that physical activity remains a regular part of life, and for some that might involve an app.  

With such a wide variety of apps to choose from, our smartphones can now essentially serve as pocket-sized personal trainers. And the best part it you can customize yours to meet all your fitness needs.

We asked our readers which new fitness apps they currently love most and the following six apps are the ones they highly recommend.

1. Fit Radio

Spend less time carefully cultivating playlists and more time rocking out while you’re working out. FitRadio provides, endless high-energy music from almost any genre you can think of all with the purpose of keeping your workout motivation in full throttle. Mashable dubbed FitRadio “Pandora for gym rats,” except there’s no ads, so you can press play feeling confident that your workout flow won’t ever be interrupted.

2. 7 Minute Workout

This handy, no-frills workout app is based on the scientific seven-minute workout that was famously featured in The New York Times. It challenges users to dedicate just seven minutes a day for seven months. The best part: the workout doesn’t require any equipment—just a chair, a wall and your own bodyweight. Plus, the app’s game-like feature can help to keep you motivated. You’ll start off with three lives. But each time you skip a workout, you lose one. When you miss three workouts in a month, your progress resets to zero and you’ll have to start the program from the beginning again.

3. Pact

This app had us at “earn cash.” That’s right, the Pact app allows you to earn money just for exercising. Can you think of a more effective motivator? Users set their exercise and healthy eating goals for each week, as well as manage how much money they’re willing to put on the line, and then earn cash for meeting their goals, which comes from the members who don’t stick to their own exercise promises.

4. EveryMove

Let this new and well-loved app be your go-to source of motivation. EveryMove allows you not only to track your workouts and fitness activities but it also provides the social support we all need to keep us motivated. The app can sync with up to 150 different apps including, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and FitBit, and serves as a one-stop-shop for tracking your data, celebrating your milestones and encouraging your fit-minded friends.

5. RockMyRun

Designed specifically with running in mind, but open to all types of exercisers, of course, the creators of this app say it’s “scientifically proven to improve your enjoyment of exercise by up to 33 percent.” The intuitive app delivers seamless mixes from professional DJs and its signature “myBeat” technology adjusts the tempo of your music to match your desired pace.

6. Gociety

Described as a “social network for people who love the outdoors,” Gociety was designed to help like-minded adventurers plan outings in their local areas. “This app provides a quick and easy way to find outdoor buddies on the go,” one user said in an app store review. The platform already boasts more than 10,000 outdoor-loving users and is expanding from Colorado and Utah to Washington state and even over to the east coast in Boston.