6 Important Health Tips to Share with Your Dad

Celebrate Father's Day by giving your dad the greatest gift of all: good health

Father’s Day is just around the corner and while many dads across the country play the protector, caregiver and provider role in their households, it is a little known man code fact that they, too, secretly yearn to be spoiled and pampered by their loved ones.

So, what better time than Father’s Day to treat, spoil and recognize dad’s hard work with some atypical wellness treats, which may turn into lifestyle changes that will help him improve his wellbeing year-round.

The following are six essential wellness tips for Father’s Day in the areas of nutrition, fitness and skin care from Herbalife experts Samantha Clayton, director of fitness education, Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD, director of nutrition training and Jacquie Carter, director of outer nutrition education and training.

Help dad keep his weight in check. 
When men gain weight, they are more likely to carry excess fat around the middle, which is more damaging to health than the lower-body fat that women tend to accumulate on their hips and thighs.  Encourage dad to pack more nutrition into fewer calories by keeping his focus on foods like lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and to cut back on fatty foods and sweets.

Encourage Relaxation.
The one thing we really want our dads to do this Father’s Day is relax.  The men in our lives do so much for us and, while they rarely let us know, they probably spend a lot of time feeling a bit frustrated and stressed out.  Stress can affect our overall health and it’s a main contributor to accelerated aging.  So, this Father’s Day let’s encourage our dads (and husbands) to relax by preparing them a relaxing bubble bath, or arranging for them to have a much needed massage.

Book a Screening.
Encouraging regular health screenings is a must, but let’s not forget about the skin.  We want to make sure that beyond the average physical, our dads also have additional health assessments, including regular skin cancer screenings.  A good quality sunscreen to keep him protected while biking, playing a round of golf or just mowing the lawn makes the perfect gift to show just how much you care.

Help dad keep his heart healthy
Seafood should be on the menu at least twice a week, and steer dad towards healthy carbs—especially oats, beans, berries, barley, apples and oranges.  These foods are great sources of soluble fiber that can help keep cholesterol levels in check. 

Bond Over Physical Activity. 
If you can’t get him motivated enough to get him into the gym encourage him to use walking as his go-to activity. Walking costs no money, takes very little skill and is a perfect activity for some bonding time with dad.

Discover some fitness technology that will keep him on track.
There are several fitness monitoring devices on the market that can fit almost any budget. A heart rate monitor, pedometer or a free phone app are great starters and make the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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