The 6 Home Gym Must-Haves

Essential equipment for in-home fitness success

We love strength training. We love running. We love fitness.

That said, we’ll be the first to admit that your local gym might not be that amazing wonderland of progress that you wish it was. Nothing in this world is perfect, not even your nearby fitness center.

First there’s the cost of membership, which usually comes with a terrible inescapable contract. Then there’s the matter of you getting there three to five times a week only to find absolutely no parking spaces and way too many people trying to use the equipment you need. We all know that guy who never wipes the equipment down and he’s at your local gym—there’s one at every gym.

So, you have three choices. One, abandon all hope for progress until the late spring melts the snow and warms the earth. Two, grit your teeth and bear it at your local gym. Three, make a personalized fitness center in your own living space.

Option three sounded pretty good to us too.

The concept of a home gym sounds expensive, but if you stick to the basics it’s actually much cheaper than a gym membership in the long run.

See the six basic pieces of home gym equipment here.

Home gyms don’t work for everyone; it depends on what type of exercise you prefer and what your goals are. If you like fitness classes or the local gym environment this may not be the best option. But for those who don’t mind pumping iron solo, a home gym could save you money, time and make it that much harder to put off your workout.

When you love something as much as we love fitness why not keep it as close as possible?

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