6 Easy Ways to Make Working Out More Fun

Ideas to help you escape your exercise rut

One of the best ways to ensure you'll stick to exercising on a regular basis is to engage in workouts and activities that are fun and exciting.

Of course you won't want to go to the gym if you've been following the same routine since you first opened your membership two years ago. Of course you won’t want to go for a run if you hate running.

No one enjoys being bored. Think about how miserable you'd become if you had to eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for the rest of your life.

The same idea applies to exercise. Not to mention, switching up your workouts is not only important for avoiding boredom, but also for continuing to make progress. You won't see your body or fitness levels change if all your workouts always stay the same.

If you feel like you've been following the same routine for too long it's probably time to add some more excitement and intensity to your workouts.

Short on ideas? Here are five different ways you can shake up your workout routine and rediscover the fun in fitness.

1. Keep it simple.
Just because you’ve become bored with your workouts, doesn’t necessarily mean you need a complete overhaul of your entire routine. Making your gym visits more exciting might mean something as simple as inviting a buddy to join you, finding new ways to shake up the things you already like to do (like a treadmill interval workout instead of running at a steady state) or updating your workout playlist.

2. Sign up for an event.
Signing up for an event that's a few weeks or months away will help fuel your determination to continue working out because you'll have a tangible goal to work towards.

Not only that, but you can Google "how to train for (insert chosen event here)" and your query will likely return a variety of different training strategies to choose from.

Some event ideas include: 5K road races, obstacle course races like a Spartan Race or Warrior Dash, triathlons or even a physique competition.

3. Cancel your gym membership.
Yes, you read that right. Cancel it. If you're bored with your current routine, it might mean that you need to switch up the scenery of your workout space. Find somewhere new to work out like a park (when the weather is appropriate) or a new specialized fitness center like a CrossFit gym or Soul Cycle.

4. Create your own races.
Maybe you're not quite ready for an official 5K yet (which is totally OK) or you simply don't feel like coughing up the cash for a race entry fee. No problem. Why not get together with a group of friends and create a home grown race of your own?

"Train" on your own during the week when your schedule is less flexible and then rally your friends to get together for a "triathlon" on the weekends. Swim, bike and run together. You can make up your own distances, rules and even add in obstacles if you dare.

5. Time travel.
Head back to high school, OK well the track at least, and run some laps, the bleacher stairs or sprints back and forth across the field.

6. Create a club.
Get a group of friends together. Pick a time that works well for all of you and meet up for workouts three or four days a week. Keep it fresh by setting goals, trying new workouts and maybe even creating a bit of competition. (Group member who completes the lowest number of burpees buys dinner.)

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