5 Workouts for People Who Hate Exercise

Fun ideas for anyone who just isn't into exercise

You hate sharing sweaty space with other people at the gym, you’d gladly walk across a hot bed of coals before agreeing to go for a run, and the thought of participating in something like CrossFit makes you cringe.

To put it simply, you hate exercise. Or so you think.

Perhaps what’s really going on is that you just haven’t found a workout that you love yet.

So what if yoga or running isn’t your thing? There are plenty of other ways to work out, and once you find an activity that you really enjoy, it will hardly feel like exercising at all.  

Try one (or a few) of the following suggestions.

1. SoulCycle
I know, I know. From what you’ve heard, you’re probably thinking, this sounds like a pretty typical workout; like the kind where you have work really hard and get all sweaty. But I challenge you to at least give it one try. With the right instructor and a kick-butt playlist, I’d be willing to bet that you’ll be hooked after just one class.

2. Trampoline Workouts
Studios and gyms dedicated to trampoline workouts are an up and coming fitness trend. Plus, who wouldn’t be excited about jumping around on a trampoline?

3. Aerial/Anti-Gravity Yoga
Similar to jumping around on a trampoline, aerial yoga (sometimes referred to as anti-gravity yoga) will make you feel just like a kid again. Basically, you get to swing around and relax in a floating hammock and afterwards you’ll feel peaceful and refreshed.

4. Dancing
This constitutes anything from Zumba (don’t roll your eyes) to opening up YouTube and following along with Taylor Swift in the comfort of your very own home.

5. TV & Movie Workout Games
Speaking of working out in the comfort of your own home, why not try making an exercise game out of your favorite TV show or movie? Do a 30-second plank every time Michael Scott offends someone and you'll be in shape before you can say "that's what she said."