5 Things to Do Before Your First 5K

Tips to help you take on your first 5K

The thrill and nervousness that comes with your first 5K is an incredible sensation and it’s even better when you know you’re prepared. We’ve outlined a few tips to make your first 5K the best.

Define a Goal. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard about the importance of goals to success and it certainly won’t be the last. Setting personal goals gives you a clear path, a way to measure success and, most importantly, motivation. Whether your goal is weight loss, general fitness or setting a personal best time, choosing a goal will help you plan your training and succeed.

Set a Schedule. There are plenty of great “couch to 5k” guides (and other plans) out there and you can certainly customize them to fit your goals and ability. The important thing is to pick a plan that will help you achieve your goal and then trying your best to stick to the plan.

Get the Right Gear. Quality sneakers that fit you well are an absolute must, but there are a few other things (like moisture wicking apparel) that you’ll want for training and race day. Invest in a few pieces of key gear and break it all in well before race day.

Recruit Friends. Friends provide a kind of motivation and competition that you just cant get when you're exercising alone. Recruiting a friend (or friends) can help incentivize workouts and help you work harder.

Trust Your Training. When it comes to race day, after all of your training, you need to picture success and trust that you’re prepared. Physical performance is largely mental, yet some people overlook the mind almost entirely. Just take a deep breath and trust that you’re prepared.

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