5 Things That Can Immediately Ruin a Trip to the Gym

It could have been such a good workout...

You pack your workout gear. You plan your workout. You rearrange your schedule to make sure you’ll have enough time to get to the gym.

For once you’re actually looking forward to having a kick-butt workout…. And then the unthinkable happens. All of that effort and your positive vibes are thwarted by one of these many gym-related annoyances.

Ok, not really—it’s not like your workout can’t go on,

It’s just that, it can no longer live up to the high expectations you once had.

1. Forgetting your socks.
There’s almost nothing more disheartening than putting in all of the effort to pack your gym bag so you can exercise after work, only to find that you don’t have something that can adequately serve as a barrier between your feet and your sneakers. Might as well pack it up and try again next time.   

2. Tangled headphones.

Honestly, is there anything on earth better at inducing pure rage than a pair of tangled headphones? By the time you finally straighten them out you’re too angry to even work out anymore.

3. When someone gets on the treadmill next to you (especially when so many others were open).

You had so many options, yet somehow you felt like the best one was to get as close as possible to invading my personal space.

4. Anyone who tries to start a conversation with you while your headphones are in.

This is the universal sign for ‘I would not like to converse with you right now’ and you failed to respect it.

5. When someone gets to the machine you were going to use right before you.
You could ask to “work in” but that’d just totally ruing your “flow.”

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