5 Superfoods to Super-Charge Your Spring and Summer Training

Fuel your workouts with these superfood suggestions from a raw food nutritionist

With the arrival of warmer weather and sunnier days, many athletes are gearing up to take their workouts to a new level of intensity. Maybe you’ve got that tight and toned summer beach body in mind or maybe you have your sights set on a race PR for the fall.

But no matter what your goal might be, you’re going to need more energy to fuel and recover from your workouts. That’s where these superfoods come into play.

Sophie Jaffe, a raw food chef and the creator of Philosophie raw food supplements, recommends adding them to your smoothies and protein shakes for an energizing and nourishing boost that will help power you through your warm-weather workouts.  

1. Ashwagandha
"In Sanskrit, this exotic herb’s name translates to ‘the smell of a horse,’ and has traditionally been used to bestow the strength and vigor of a stallion,” Jaffe said. It’s known as “Indian ginseng,” she explained, because it contains many rejuvenating properties and is considered an “adaptogen,” or “an herb that naturally increases physical energy, stamina and endurance.”

2. Camu Camu
“The fruit of the camu camu, a low-growing shrub indigenous to the Amazonian rainforests of Peru and Brazil, is loaded with vitamin C — a single teaspoon of the powder is packed with 1,180 percent of your recommended daily intake,” Jaffe said. “This superfruit also provides valine, an essential amino acid that prevents muscle breakdown, and leucine, another amino acid that works to grow and repair bone tissue.” Jaffe highly recommends mixing camu camu with the Philosophie Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend, which also contains maca (see number four on this list).

3. Dragon Fruit / Pitaya
Known for its a brilliant color — a bold pop of fuchsia — and mild, pear-like flavor, dragon fruit, as it’s known in Southeast Asia, or pitaya, as it’s called in South America and Central America, provides a powerful punch of vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber,” Jaffe said. “The high-in-fiber, low-in-fat super-fruit helps maintain muscle, and if you want an extra boost of fiber, try eating the skin of the fruit, too.”

4. Maca
Like ashwagandha, Jaffe explained that Maca is also an adaptogen and has been used in Peru for its energy-boosting abilities for more than two millennia. She said it’s rich in absorbable plant-based nutrients like fiber, magnesium, protein, amino acids, and vitamins B, C and E.

5. Bee Pollen
“Deemed ‘Mother Nature’s energy booster,’ bee-gathered pollens are a wonderful topping for any athlete’s breakfast bowl or smoothie,” Jaffe said. “Bee pollen provides a boost of protein, healthy fats and a full spectrum of vitamins, including B, C, D, and E, and 18 amino acids.” 

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