5 Reasons to Hike With a Guide

A guide can make your hike more than just a walk in the park

A Walking Connection interpretive guide can transform an ordinary experience at the Grand Canyon into an extraordinary one! It can mean the difference between really understanding a place and having a visually interesting but ultimately superficial travel experience. Through the infectious passion of our guides your walks become a holistic learning experience where the nature, history and geology of the canyon come alive.

-5 Reasons to Hike With a Guide-

1) They know where they are going! Guides are usually very passionate about their profession. They take great pride in showing you things you could never find on your own.

2) For the money, they are one of the best travel investments you can make. Unless you are fully knowledgeable about where you are visiting, they can save you time by taking you to the places that you should see and help you avoid the ones that are a waste of time.

3) Safety. Unless you are very familiar with the place you are visiting, whether it is in a deserted forest, open desert, mountain landscape or an urban setting, a guide can help you avoid danger. Through personal experience, we can tell you, if a guide tells you not to go to a certain place, take their word for it and don’t go.

4) Fun! Most guides we have traveled with have a bit of a “performer” in them. If they have been in the business for any length of time, they usually have a ton of interesting and fun stories about their travels and the people they have met along the way.

5) If you want to travel like a local, walk with a local. They can introduce you to people they know, their friends and family. Because of guides, we have been invited to impromptu stays and private home dinners in India, Italy, Peru, Australia, Kenya and too many more to mention here.

ALL Walking Connection adventures feature some of the worlds best naturalist interpretive guides. Many are professional educators, photographers, landscape artists, geologists, botanists and published authors. You can hike with them on planned Walking Connection departures or through our CONNECT program.  Be sure to see all the different options for ways to travel with us.

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