4 Reasons Fall is the Best Season for Fitness

Why the year's best season is the perfect time for getting fit

Without a doubt, fall is the best season of the year. Some might try to argue for spring, winter or summer, but in reality nothing can compare to the cool, crisp air, bright, crunchy leaves and tasty seasonal treats of the joyous and festive season we call fall.

Yes, it's pretty obvious that, in general, fall is the best season. But what you may have failed to realize, is that it also happens to be the best time of year for fitness.

Forget loosing pools of sweat in the summer or having to pile on seven layers in the winter. Sure, snow is wonderful, but only when you're skiing or admiring it's beauty from behind a window with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. And spring, who knows what that unpredictable jerk will throw our way next.

Fall on the other hand, almost always lends itself to refreshing breezes and blue skies with a shining sun to highlight the fantastic foliage.

Does it get much better than that? We don't think so.

Here's why our favorite season is also the best time of year for fitness.

1. You don't have to get so sweaty.
This especially applies to any type of outdoor workout. Cooler temps mean that going for a run doesn't have to result in clothes that are completely saturated in sweat after only 10 minutes and the ability to maintain a body temperature that makes you feel like a normal human being rather than say, the Heat Miser.

2. The gym crowd starts to thin out.
Fall is basically the start of the holiday season. This means that people's schedules are starting to fill up with plans that involve everything but going to the gym. That means, more space and equipment for those of us who are dedicated gym rats no matter what the time of year.

3. Two words: perfect weather.
And if on the other hand you hate the gym, well, there's no better time of year to work out outside. It's cool but not too cold, most days are sunny and clear and your exercise options are seemingly endless. From simply going for a walk to taking a hike or pumpkin picking to attempting to navigate a corn maze, there are so many fun, out-of-the-ordinary ways to stay fit in the fall it's almost scary. (Get it? Scary... because Halloween is coming.)

4. Halloween themed everything.
And speaking of Halloween, fitness is definitely more fun in the fall thanks to themed events and races like The Monster Dash, the Sleepy Hallow Halloween 10K or The Great Pumpkin Hall. It gives everyone the chance to run around dressed up in costume, even those who would otherwise be deemed "too old."

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