Bike Commuter Gear: 25 Essentials

These smart parts and accessories give you 25 more reasons to ride to work

Between distracted motorists, inclement weather and mechanical malfunctions, a lot can go wrong on the bike ride to the office. Gearing up with the right products can help iron out potential kinks in your commute, and allow you to better enjoy the ride.[slideshow:524]

As cyclists often smugly point out, the bicycle is the most efficient form of human-powered transportation ever devised, but if you show up covered in grease, soaked in rain or sweat—or worse, don’t show up at all because you’ve been taken out by a car—the point is moot.

These 25 commuter products cover the gamut of situations one may encounter—from a flat tire to wayward motorists. They range from bicycle-friendly briefcases to handlebar-mounted iPhone holsters, and cover your bike commute from point-to-point.

We’ve got you covered from head to toe, too—with stylish Merino wool socks from Darn Tough, super-pants from Outlier, a MacGyver-grade sport coat from Brompton and lightweight cranium protection from Giro. We’ve even weighed in on an often-neglected (unmentionable, even) but nonetheless critical aspect of riding to work: proper underwear selection.

And if you're looking for a new bike, and happen to be short on space either at home or at the office, consider one of the five collapsible commuter bikes we recently tested from Brompton, Dahon, Montague, Tern and Pacific Cycles.