2012 National Outdoor Book Awards

2012 National Outdoor Book Awards

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Almost Somewhere: Twenty-Eight Days on the John Muir Trail
By Suzanne Roberts
University of Nebraska Press, $19.95
In the summer of 1993, author Suzanne Roberts and two other women set out on a month-long backpack trip in California’s Sierra Mountains. Almost Somewhere is Roberts's introspective and no-holds-barred account of that journey and the interactions between the three women. What emerges is a revealing and insightful coming-of-age portrait of women of the post-Baby Boom generation. Roberts obsesses with her weight, competes openly with other women for men, and grapples with conflicted views of sex and relationships. One of the other women struggles with bulimia. This is life in an outdoor setting from a feminine perspective: Anxiety over strange men met along the way and the challenges of long days on the trail—can Roberts's weakening knees and the health of her bulimic friend hold up to the end? The dialog, the imagery and the story are so well done and so absorbing that men and women of all generations will find it a satisfying and fulfilling literary treat.


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