20 Thoughts Everyone Has During Yoga Class

Do you really think I can bend my arms that way?

One of the most important aspects of yoga is learning to silence the mind. Making a connection with your body, becoming one with your mat.

Only, achieving that sort of inner peace takes a lot of practice. If you've ever practiced yoga before you know that it's much easier said than done.

Despite many attempts to hush your stream of conscious, yoga class tends to draw a whole slew of silly and random thoughts to the forefront of your brain.

In fact, I'm willing to bet a few, if not all, of the following thoughts have crossed your mind while attempting to master down dog.


-20 Thoughts Everyone Has During Yoga Class-

1. I hope the instructor isn't too into yoga. I'm so not in the mood for Ohm right now.

2. Quick! Grab that last spot in the back row.

3. Let me just squeeze my mat in right here. I'm not too close to the guy next to me right? Nah. I definitely fit.

4. I hope he doesn't sweat on my mat, though.

5. Ugh! Maybe I should just move up to the front where there's more space.

6. No, then I might offend this guy. People might think I'm weird. Better just stay put.

7. Ok. I guess I'll stretch a little before we get started.

8. Is that lady meditating or taking a nap?

9. Oooo cute Lululemon pants!

8. Alright, first pose; downward dog, this feels good.

9. How did I not realize my calves were this tight?

10. I can't hear the instructor. Did she just say wrap your arms underneath your legs?

11. *Attempts complicated bind* Ooo yeah, OK that's definitely not happening. Let's just pretend like I didn't try that.

12. OK, that guy up front is just trying to show off now.

13. Stop looking at everyone, yoga is supposed to be a judgement free zone! 

14. I hope no one is looking at me.

15. How many more vinyasas before we get to savasana?

16. Did I pay my credit card bill on time?

17. What is the meaning of life?

18. Maybe I'll treat myself to FroYo after this.

19. Stop. Thinking. Focus. Meditate. Breathe.

20. OK seriously how much longer do we have to lie here for?


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