14 Signs You’re Sick of Winter

Just how bad do you want warmer weather?

Most of us can’t resist a good snow day in December. Right around the holidays, we’re all just hoping for a little dusting of white and at the beginning snow seems more like a treat and less like an imposition. When it comes to snow in March or April, though, that’s an entirely different story.

Across the country winter has dragged on longer than usual, and for most people, the snowy season has overstayed its welcome. While some people (skiers and snowboarders) are taking advantage of the drawn out weather, others are lacking incentive to put up with the frosty temperatures and continued snowfall.

You know you’re sick of winter; the unending cold is getting to you, but why not make it official? On a scale from one to all 14, exactly how sick of winter are you?

1. You bought sunblock… in February.

2. Camping gear is already in your car (and your tent may or may not be strapped to the roof).

3. You don’t ski or snowboard, you swim.

4. You’ve taken or planned at least one beach vacation.

5. You secretly hate everyone who puts beach photos on Instagram.

6. “I just look so much healthier when I’m tan,” you tell anyone who will listen.

7. Your gloves have holes from overuse and all of your winter gear is worn out, both literally and figuratively.

8. You’ve bought more Chapstick than any one person should ever need.

9. You cry when the forecast says high of 42.

10. You sob when the forecast says high of 32.

11. You’re dying to try out your new hiking boots, but you don’t want to freeze. So you wait impatiently.

12. You’ve gone bathing suit shopping, more than once.

13. You curse global warming every time it’s unusually cold, even though you have no idea how it works.

14. You’ve seriously considered the idea of moving to Florida, California or Cyprus.

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