14 Must-Run Spring Races

Stay motivated through winter with the promise of an exciting and scenic spring race

Springtime often provides perfect racing weather for runners; not-too-hot, not-too-cold temperatures and (hopefully) sunny skies with blossoming flowers and trees to make for a scenic backdrop. Unfortunately for most, wintertime (AKA the weeks leading up to spring) may not be the most ideal time to train for a race. (The wrath of the Polar Vortex especially isn’t helping the matter this year.)

There’s no way around it though, runners who dream of splendid spring races will ultimately have to battle the burden of training through chilly winter weather. But the reward of an attractive and exciting springtime race will make all of the frozen fingers, runny noses, and dark early mornings totally worth it.

A spring race is like an inspirational light at the end of a long, cold winter tunnel. So, keep yourself motivated and moving through the next few months by securing a spot at one of the following 14 sensationally scenic spring races. Don’t wait, though. Most are so well-loved that they reach capacity quite quickly. So claim your spot and start counting down those days until spring, one training run at a time.

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