13 Must-Run Summer Races

Summertime running fun for every type of runner

It’s hot, humid and the sun is beating down relentlessly, yet somehow you’re still ready to run. You spent the long winter battling snowstorms, below freezing temperatures, and wild winds, so you’re more than happy to sweat your socks off, as long as it means you can run outside without having to feel like Randy from A Christmas Story.

In fact, you’re more than ready to run; you’re ready to race, because what would summertime be to a runner without a little bit of fun competition, right? And even if you’re in it just for the fun, well there are plenty of events out there that totally catch your drift.

Whether you’re aiming to PR your mile time, tackle an entire marathon, or simply enjoy a short scenic route followed by an outdoor summer celebration, you’ll find that summertime is the best time to sign up for your favorite type of race. With so many different events offered all around the world every type of runner will find one to match their personality.

Follow up your 5K with a craft beer festival in Vermont, run to claim your ticket to the world’s largest music festival, or use up some vacation days and cross that bucket list race off your list while abroad; when the sun is shining (well hopefully) and every runner is smiling, the possibilities are endless.

Summer is all about fun, and these 13 races know how to show runners a good time. Whether you love running to support a cause or you’re more motivated by the prospect of free food (in this particular case, bacon), there’s not a race on this list that won’t meet your high summertime standards.  

Plus, even though you’ll probably be a hot and sweaty mess by the end of the race, it won’t matter. Because after you cross the finish line with a smile on your face and your hands up over your head, not only will you be able to enjoy all of the post-race festivities, but you’ll easily be able to put your arms down, too.