12 Reasons You Need to Start Running

It will be hard at first, but the rewards you'll reap are totally worth it

When you don’t run a lot, running sucks; I know because I’ve been there.

Before I started running, I hated the sport. I thought it was boring and could hardly finish one lap around the track before I felt like my lungs were about to cave in and that I might collapse on the grass and die.

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Go find a runner and ask them about their history with the sport. Unless you happen to strike up a conversation with a former high school track star, I bet you’ll hear an iteration of what I just described. (And if you are a runner, well then I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re sitting there nodding your head in agreement with me right now.)

The point is that it takes time to fall in love with the sport. You can’t expect to feel a runner’s high your first time out for a run. It could take a few weeks, maybe even a few months before you start to feel good while running. Before that, it’s going to hurt. Not entirely, but before you break through that initial plateau it will feel like a struggle more often than not.

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But everything on the other side of that plateau is absolutely worth all the pain and sweat you'll overcome to get there. So, if your amateur running career has yet to take flight I encourage you to give the sport a shot. And if a previous attempt at its launch fizzled out after only one or two shots, I challenge you to take another stab at it.

Why am I so adamant that you give it a try?

Well, consider the following 12 reasons, as explained by a few runners from around the web.

1. Running is like an old friend.

2. It will make you feel invincible.

3. And runner’s high is real.

4. It can help you de-stress.
“At first it was really difficult and I liked constantly being challenged and constantly improving. As I got better, it helped me de-stress.” 
—Tumblr/ hawkeyecowgirl

5. And clear your mind.
“I don’t have to think about anything. Or, I can use the time to think about everything.” —Tumblr/kalaughlin

6. There’s always room for improvement.
 "The constant improvement. Every day I could run a little farther, a little faster, a little easier.” —Tumblr/wanderlusting07

7. It’s provides an escape.
"When I run I am able to escape into my own little world. I am able to step away from reality and fully immerse myself in my thoughts.” 

8. You’ll feel more inspired.
“Seeing others run inspires me...

9. And hopefully you'll inspire others, too.
...and I hope I inspire others when I run. There’s a sense of community in running you won’t find anywhere else.”Tumblr/briterati

10. You can do it just because.
“When somebody asks me why I run I don’t have a good answer. I can’t say what makes me want to run but I do. I’m running to find the answer.” 

11. It can actually be relaxing.
“I’ve gotten to the point where running is relaxing. It’s something that I get entirely to myself, when I can enjoy some peace and quiet.” —Tumblr/knerdy

12. And best of all… It could change your whole life.
“Running for me, changed my whole life. So far I’ve lost 56 pounds, and gained something I didn’t know I was missing; confidence and strength.”

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