Adrian Peterson—Running Back, Minnesota Vikings from Exercises That Pro Football Players Do

Exercises That Pro Football Players Do

Minnesota Vikings
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Adrian Peterson—Running Back, Minnesota Vikings

Exercise: Squat Jump to Overhead Medicine Ball Toss

Peterson has broken a ridiculous number of records and also won the AP NFL MVP award last year, but not without putting in some serious gym time. Peterson incorporates a lot of variety in his routine, including Mixed Martial Arts. Implementing a diverse combination of exercises while also incorporating back-to-basics, compound moves like the squat jump and overhead press is key to achieving true total-body strength. Peterson works out for a few hours 4 to 5 days per week, which is way more than the average exerciser. But for starters, you can try fitting this exercise into your routine once or twice a week.

To perform this exercise: Holding a medicine ball with both hands at chest level, start standing with feet hip width distance apart. Sit back into your heels as you lower yourself into squat position and then quickly explode up as you lightly toss the medicine ball into the air. Catch the ball and quickly lower back down into the squat position and continuously repeat the movement for 10-20 reps, depending on your ability and level of fitness. (Beginners should first try the movement without a medicine ball.)


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