11 Tricks Trainers Use to Keep Clients Motivated

Tips and tricks that will help you stay devoted to your goals

Raise your hand if you agree: working out isn’t really the hard part, finding the motivation to get your butt out the door and to the gym is the bigger problem. (I know I can’t see your hands, but I’m assuming many of them are raised.)

We’ve all been there before; setting out to achieve a goal (exercise-related or other) begins with the best of intentions and mountains of motivation. But as time passes, keeping up with the work input needed to realize a successful end result becomes more and more difficult as your enthusiasm beings to fade.

If only you had some kind of personal cheerleader or a little confidence-boosting birdy on your shoulder, right? Some external source of motivation you could pull from when relaxing on the couch after work sounds so much more inviting than gearing up to go to the gym.

Well actually, some of the best fitness experts know that all the motivation you need can come from right inside your head. (And maybe a little bit from your friends and family, too).

“If you don't have an emotional connection to why you are trying to accomplish your goals, the odds are you won't reach them or will quit trying,” says Brett Hoebel, celebrity trainer and creator of the new 20 Minute Body Program.

“I always say, ‘Get emotionally connected and the rest will follow.’ Long-lasting results are not given; they are earned and they come with a price, like facing fears, physical discomfort and emotional transformation.”

Maybe you can’t have your own private coach, but trainers like Hobel use effective techniques to keep clients motivated and we’ve rounded up eleven of them for you. Apply these tips and tricks to your fitness routine, (and maybe even some other aspects of your life, too) to help keep your devotion and motivation going strong.