11 Outdoor Sports You Should Try This Summer

Channel your inner child and indulge your sense of adventure

Remember back in grade school when you begged your parents to let you sign up for karate lessons? You swore it would be worth every penny it cost to get started, because you were definitely going to stick with it for more than two months and you even had your sights set on becoming a black belt one day.

Of course, that only lasted until three weeks later when you’re best friend signed up for the baseball team. Suddenly it became your destiny to follow in the footsteps of Babe Ruth.

Even though your short attention span probably drove your parents bonkers (and took a toll on their wallets too), it was worth it in the end because trying new sports as a kid is an important part of discovering who you are. You definitely wouldn’t be the same person today if you hadn’t had a chance to try those really expensive ice skating lessons, right?

Now that you’re much older and wiser your athletic pursuits might include a few workouts at the gym each week and a run around your neighborhood every so often. There’s nothing wrong with that, but now that we've got you thinking, aren’t you wondering, “Why don’t I try new sports more often?”

Maybe your parents won’t provide the funds for you to join a Frisbee team or take up sailing anymore, but just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you should stop indulging your sense of adventure.

Summertime opens up the opportunity for spending more time outside, which conveniently opens up the opportunity to play more sports. So instead of sticking to your typical beach and barbeque routine this year, why not use the summer weather as an excuse to channel your inner child?

Whether the summertime turns you into a total beach bum or you’d rather enjoy the warm weather amidst the wilderness, we’ve rounded up a diverse list of alternative outdoor sports to help reignite that childish curiosity, which probably got lost in the mix around the same time you started dreading family vacations.