10 Top Travel Accessories for Fitness Freaks

Gear and gadgets for the fitness-forward traveler

Take that briefcase and shove it. Actually, don’t. But come Friday, you’re probably more than ready to swap it for a more casual tote or a backpack that was built for the weekends.

What’s inside your bag is usually more important than the bag itself, though. Since Saturdays and Sundays allow for action-packed days filled with fitness, fun and leisure, you better be prepared with all the best accessories.

Whether you love to hike, bike, or run, no matter how you choose to spend your weekends away packing light doesn’t mean you have to leave your choice gear at home. In fact, some of the latest products are designed to save you space, and these days precious cargo comes in small packages.

When you’re ready to wrap up the week and get away from it all for a few days, consider packing these fitness-forward items in your weekend bag.