10 Resorts for Extreme Skiers and Snowboarders

Get your adrenaline pumping at these picks

As we noted in our list of the 50 best ski resorts in North America, what makes a mountain great differs from person to person.

There are the resorts where you take your kids—with sleigh rides, mountain coasters and the like—and then there are the resorts where you go to test your own mortality. Okay, maybe not that extreme, but some of the mountains on our list definitely have areas better left to those with serious skills (and up-to-date wills).

We picked ten off our list that have what it takes to give even the most adrenaline-addicted skiers and snowboarders out there a grin-worthy holiday. Most of these resorts still have their share of gentle groomers and morning milk runs, but the word “extreme” often enters the discussion when their names come up. Enjoy.

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