Fitness Tips that Will Save You Money from 10 Fitness Tips that Will Save You Money

10 Fitness Tips that Will Save You Money

Fitness Tips that Will Save You Money

Two of the most common resolutions people make—to get fit and to save money—are actually more related than you might think. Making fitness and health a priority early in life will likely help you save in medical costs down the road, but there are more immediate savings you could be taking advantage of too.

Whether you’re looking to try a new workout or a new way of getting to work, you can save big if you’re willing to be a bit flexible. Fitness should be accessible for everyone and that’s why we put together a list of tips to help you save. 

Embrace Body Weight Workouts

This money-saving workout is the top fitness trend of 2015—and it’s tough to argue with a workout plan that has been effective for thousands of years. Body weight workouts are convenient and customizable, they can be done virtually anywhere with no equipment and are completely free. Try these ten body weight exercises to feel the burn and save big.

Find an Exercise Buddy

Friends bring a bunch of benefits to your workout routine—they keep you accountable, push you to work harder and they can even save you money. A knowledgeable friend can be a stand-in for a personal trainer or, better yet, you can team up and split a group session with a certified personal trainer to save some money and get top-notch instruction.

Save on Clothes

With high-end fitness brands like lululemon and Athleta advertising the latest fashion in workout gear, it can be tough not to splurge—after all, money spent on getting fit isn’t exactly a waste. Before you stock your closet, though, take a look at the fitness gear in T.J. Maxx and Target. These and other stores offer great clothes at much lower prices and once you have a few outfits, be sure to wash them the right way to make them last.

Use the Web

The internet is a wealth of information on all things fitness and nutrition, as long as you can trust the source it can be a great tool. Even websites you wouldn’t normally consider fitness-oriented can help you get in shape. For instance, millions of people turn to Youtube for awesome workout videos that can be done in your living room. It doesn’t get too much more convenient (and free) than that.

Buy Some Equipment

Maybe body weight workouts just aren’t your thing, or you might want to expand the range of things you can do, either way spending a bit of money on some equipment can greatly improve your home gym and your chance of fitness success. The few essentials (dumbbells, resistance bands, a foam roller, ect.) won’t cost you more than a few bucks and you should be able to find all these things at discount stores or online. If you want to buy something more expensive, check craigslist or stop by a few local gyms to see if they have old equipment. Just make sure it works and you can find some incredible deals.

Get a Fitness Pass

Hitting the same gym week after week can get pretty boring—to save some money while still enjoying the gym experience, get a pass that includes a number of gyms. Most prevalent in big cities, this tip will be more applicable for urban dwellers, but a quick google search will let you know if there’s something similar in your area. Companies like Class Pass and Athlete’s Club offer access to many different gyms for a discounted rate.

Bike Commute

May 1 marks National Bike Month and there’s no better time to start bike commuting (or biking for fun, for that matter). Not only will you fit in a workout, but you’ll save a bunch of money by skipping the gym membership and fuel, repair and parking costs of a typical car. The benefits that come with riding a bike are seemingly endless, so start riding and saving now.

Free Group Workouts

When it comes to fitness, strength in numbers and group motivation doesn’t have to cost you, there are plenty of options that are completely free. Check around your community for groups like The November Project, a grassroots exercise movement that’s completely free or stop in to a complementary yoga class courtesy of lululemon.

Take Advantage of Apps

We use our phones for practically everything, so why not use them to further our fitness goals? Tracking progress is a big key to fitness success and there are tons of free apps out there that will help you do that, in addition to providing training plans and a whole lot more.

Chase Kids Around

It’s been said that kids keep you young, but really they’re great at keeping you fit. A bit of quality time spent chasing the kids around can be a great (free) workout. Whether you go to a park, beach or the backyard, taking time to horse around with the kids will build stronger bonds and bodies.

10 Fitness Tips that Will Save You Money