Best Commuter Bikes of 2015 from 10 Best Commuter Bikes of 2015

10 Best Commuter Bikes of 2015

Best Commuter Bikes of 2015

From specially designed frames to tough brakes that can handle the weather, the big details are apparent on commuter bikes, but so are the small ones. Built-in fenders, integrated lighting systems and racks that come standard are the definition of small features that actually mean a whole lot.

While many of the bikes made today come with some of those features, there are some commuter rides that simply stand out from the pack. If one of the following bikes matches your needs, budget and fits you well, you can be sure that it’s one of the best bikes out there.

Gunnar Fastlane

Gunnar Bikes

“If you want a cool and more ‘middle of the road’ commuter that can also do a decent job as your recreational bike, a bike like the Gunnar Fastlane makes a lot of sense,” said Founder of Fit Werx Ian Buchanan. “Disc brakes for all weather conditions, a wide range of rack/fender options, a multitude of sizes (including custom) and top quality U.S. built workmanship at a good price make for a smooth riding and dependable commuter year after year.”; frame from $1,000

PureFix Coolidge

PureFix Cycles

When it comes to a fixed-gear commuter that’s anything but basic the Coolidge is a great option. Part of the premium series, this bike is a sleek and light ride with a steel frame and wrapped drop bars. Ready for the road at a bargain, there’s no reason not to bike commute now.; $450

Cannondale Contro 3


A commuter bike through and through, the Contro 3 was made for city streets and the most discerning commuters. A gold award winner at Eurobike 2014, this bike boasts a unique fork, disc brakes and it’s designed with a built-in rack, fenders and kickstand.; $1,410

Pure City Siva Bourbon

Pure City Cycles

The classic best-selling commuter gets a tech upgrade in the Siva Bourbon from Pure City Cycles. Steel frame and fork pair with a USB charger that generates power as you pedal, so you’ll never have a dead cell phone as long as you have your bike. Vegan leather grips, fenders and rear rack included, the Bourbon comes in either 3-or-8-speed options.; $600

Trek CrossRip

Trek Bikes

This commuter-road bike hybrid is light, quick and incredibly versatile. Drop bars and a wide gearing range help you get there fast and rack and fender compatibility gives you the option to bring along anything you need. An aluminum frame and your choice of either canti or disc brakes contribute versatility and Trek offers a choice of four CrossRip models.; starting at $990

Faraday Porteur

Faraday Bikes

You would never know the Faraday Porteur was an electric bike unless you were riding it—and isn’t that exactly what you want? This beautiful bike is thoughtfully designed from the hidden battery to the Gates belt and even the finest details—the handlebars and seat—are immaculate. With just a three hour charge time, when you need a little boost, this is the ideal commuter bike.; $3,500

Canyon Commuter 7.0

Canyon Bicycles

Another Eurobike gold award winner, it’s tough to find a bike of any kind this visually appealing, but that’s far from the only thing to love about the Commuter 7.0. An aluminum frame meets a carbon fiber fork and an eight speed Shimano internal gear system pairs well with a rugged Gates CDN belt. Integrated Supernova head and tail lights are great added features on this well-designed commuter.; starting at €1,799

Kona Coco

Kona World

This comfort commuter takes the essence of a cruiser and makes it more functional. From the aluminum step-through frame down to the built-in bell, the well thought out bike is big on style and functionality. Throw in disc brakes, full fenders and a comfortable handlebar and the Coco is set for the city.; $700

Bike Friday Infinity Drive Silk

Bike Friday

Folding bikes often get a bad reputation for not being as functional or enjoyable as typical bikes, Bike Friday is the best example of why that’s not the case. The Infinity Drive Silk with a carbon belt drive rides quick and smooth, while folding down (or opening up) is a breeze. This is a versatile premium bike that just happens to fold.; $2,250

FUJI Denny

FUJI Bikes

The award-winning FUJI Denny isn’t available for purchase just yet, but it’s in the works and the wait will be worth it. The simplistic design of this incredible bike betrays the useful integrated features. From the removable handlebars that double as a bike lock to the lights that change automatically with the surrounding light, the FUJI Denny turned major heads at the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition and it’s sure to make waves on the road too.; price TBD