The 10 Best Big Box Gyms in America

The top ten chain gyms in the country as voted by our readers

When we set out to compile our list of the best gyms in America, we made sure to include a wide range of different types of fitness facilities. Our initial list, which we narrowed down with your help, included everything from sport specific studios and ultra-exclusive clubs to the most popular big box gyms.

While a select few very lucky fitness fanatics and elite athletes have the privilege of getting their sweat on at one-of-a-kind, privately owned facilities like DeFranco’s in New Jersey or Mecca Gym and Spa in Texas, for the rest of us going to the gym most likely means gearing up for a workout at a corporate-owned space like LA Fitness or Crunch.

There’s nothing wrong with that, though. Plenty of chain gyms offer a high-quality exercise experience. In fact, in our survey, a handful of big box gyms held their own against some of the most famous and highly touted gyms in the entire country. The top ten big box gyms in America may not have the privilege of offering members a completely unique experience, but what they lack in individuality most make up for in things like entertaining group exercise classes, affordable membership options, and convenience

Maybe they're not unique snowflakes among the country's spectrum of workout spaces, but because there are so many gym-goers looking for different ways to exercise at least each of these big box gyms can offer their members an experience unique to a carefully crafted brand.

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