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Video: Red Bull's New Mountain Bike Movie

New film from the makers of New World Disorder coming this fall

Red Bull upped the ante with its "Art of Flight" snowboard movie last winter, and it appears they're looking to pull off the same sort of cinematic feat with mountain biking. Where the Trail Ends is due out in September, and based on the 90-second trailer below, it's going to be worth watching. In order to bring the movie to the big screen, Red Bull has parntered with Freeride Entertainment—the makers of the legendary (for mountain bikers, anyway) New World Disorder series of boundary-pushing mountain bike movies.

The film features freeride mountian bikers Darren Berrecloth, James Doerfling, Andreu Lacondeguy, Kurtis Sorge and Cam Zink, and features some creative line-scouting in China's Gobi desert. The film's other locations have not been revealed, but Freeride Entertainment has been working on the project since at least 2010, so we're looking forward to the full release to find out what other locations it includes.

In order to drum up anticipation—and in a laudable social marketing ploy—Red Bull is holding off from releasing the full cimematic trailer until this 90-second version racks up a million views.

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