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National Park Service recognizes one of U.S's largest remaining inland pine barrens as national natural landmark -- and it is in Albany, NY
Sustainable weight loss takes time and requires persistence
Professional guides share their top tips to help you prepare for your hike
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America's most gorgeous green gardens are blooming with beauty
These state parks are much more than just playgrounds and picnic areas
Top trails across the U.S. with selections for every skill level
Shape up for summer; beach weather will be here before you know it
Our expert panel compiled a list of the top off-road routes
Boulder, Colo. tops our list this year; where does your city stack up?


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David Roberts (Mountain Classics, Then and Now) is the author of seventeen books on mountaineering, adventure, and the history of the American...
  Majka Burhardt is an author, professional climber and filmmaker with an uncanny knack for blending vertical exploration with...
Andrew Skurka is a full-time long-distance adventurer, speaker, and guide, as well as the author of The Ultimate's Hiker's Gear Guide, in...
Ken Osterkamp is the founder and senior editor of GearFlogger, which bestows the coveted Denali Approved award upon gear that works on the...
Marty Munson (Secrets of Top Tri Coaches: Allen Lim) is a New York City-based triathlon coach, editor, and writer whose work has appeared in...
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