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VIDEO: Brazil's Hot Surf Culture

The sport's allure created a booming industry

In Brazil, surfing is an important part of the local scene—and now Surfari has the stats (and a video) to back it up. 

In Brazil, the surf industry generates almost $4 billion per year from the country’s 2.5 million surf enthusiasts. That  makes Brazil the third largest surf market in the world—and a shocking number of customers don't even take part in the sport. While 10 percent of buyers actually surf, the other 90 percent are “aspirational buyers.”

The surf culture has also moved away from the beach, meaning it’s not just people in the coastal cities that surf. There are surfers in cities such as Sao Paulo, which lies about an hour’s drive from the ocean, who make a trek to the beach on their days off for their love of the sport.

Surfari collected the information about Brazilian surfing through e-market research. 

Via The Inertia.

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