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Video: Alexander Polli Makes Flight A Reality

Whizzes through waterfall, next to cliffs wearing wingsuits and tracksuits

Alexander Polli jumps off of cliffs. In wingsuits, in tracksuits, through waterfalls, while dragging a stick across a rock face, even over his (frantic) mother. And because we’re not all so completely insane brave, he does it all attached to a GoPro. Last week, Polli released this video filmed in New Zealand, Switzerland and Norway—and as he said on his Facebook page, “If it gets your heart rate up, mission accomplished.” Well, Polli—mission definitely accomplished.

Jacked up and want more? Check out this first-person account of what BASE jumping feels like.
Too terrified to imagine someone doing this ever again? See why BASE jumping was banned in Chamonix.  

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