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Michael Yamashita Captures Tibetan Culture

The Nat Geo photojournalist tells Matador Network about his new book

In his new book, Yamashita showcases the landscapes, people and spirituality that first led him to Tibet.

Over the years, National Geographic Photojournalist Michael Yamashita has been the-man-behind-the-lens for many important stories across Asia. 

Now he’s getting ready to publish two years-worth of pictures in a 272-page photographic narrative that catalogs a route from Jiuzhaigou National Park to the Tibetan Autonomous Region. The book is called Shangri-La: Along the Tea Road to Lhasa.

In an interview with Matador Network, Yamashita talks about his first trip to Tibet, how he began his career as a photojournalist, fast-disappearing landscapes and his new book—the first he’s ever shot with digital film.

There are many advantages to digital. And I think the photographs [in Shangri-La] really sing. There’s a quality to them, a glow, that’s different than film. There’s a vibrancy to the color there that I find to be very rich.

To see the full interview, visit the Matador Network.

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