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Lessons Learned: How to Prepare for Your First Century

Tips from one rider's first time planning and riding a 100-mile route

The century ride is a right of passage for any cycling enthusiast. However, your first 100 miles is no easy feat. To complete the task comfortably requires months of training, planning, adjustments to your diet and sleep schedule and an investment in quality gear. And, by the end of the experience, most riders have at least a few stories of first-timer mistakes.

Follow along with The Active Times' assistant editor, Megan Taylor Morrison, as she trains and plans for her first century ride in Southern California at the end of December. Along the way, she'll pass on the most important advice she picks up, so that your first 100-mile experience can be as smooth as possible. 

Part I: Ride Rewards and the Voice of Experience

Part II: Gear and Scheduling

Part III: The Bike-Car Conundrum

Part IV: Proper Fueling

Part V: Mental Motivation and Moral

Part VI: Another Kind of Sore

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