How to Maintain Your Fitness on Vacation

Staying in shape on vacation is not impossible


I know, I get it, staying in shape while on vacation may seem like an impossible task. Don’t get yourself down; staying in shape is actually a lot easier than it may appear.

There are just come basic rules you need to follow. First and most importantly, you must set your goals and commit yourself to them. After doing so, everything else will fall into place. Just start by planning your meals and workouts ahead of time. 

I mean, let’s face it… We all want to look great in a bathing suit, and I’m sure we hit the gym plenty before vacation. Why let that hard work go down the drain?

You deserve to feel great on vacation! Exercise to improve your mood, maintain your weight, boost your energy and sleep better at night. Once you get into the everyday motions, you will be so glad you did not discontinue your fitness plan.

Below are some tips on how to Maintain Your Fitness on Vacation


Commit yourself

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Don’t let going on vacation distract you from your commitments. If you already have set goals, stick to them! Or, set a goal specifically for your vacation (“I will maintain my current weight”). Schedule days and times you’re going to work out and stick to it. Don’t let going on vacation ruin any of your progress!



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According to Run Haven, running benefits your overall mental health, it helps strengthen your lungs, helps prevent high blood pressure, strengthens your immune system, relieves stress and increases bone density. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore your vacation destination, just run around the streets!


Eat Breakfast


Don’t forget to eat breakfast! It’s easy to get sidetracked on vacation, you may run out the door and forget to eat. Grab a piece of fruit or a granola bar; don’t let yourself go without eating your morning nutrients. After all, breakfast does jump start your metabolism.  


Don’t Eat Out (every night)

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One of the things we love about vacation… Tasting new foods, eating out at new restaurants, and dining in a new ambiance. Unfortunately, this could be detrimental to any fitness goals we may have. Now, I’m not saying you can’t eat out at all, but why not try staying in and cooking a few nights? Find a nearby grocery store, purchase healthy snacks and maybe a healthy meal or two.


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