Your Workouts Will Never Be Delayed By Tangled Headphone Wires Again

The earbuds of the future are here, and they’ve been designed to totally cater to an athlete’s every need

Most people would agree: there are few things in this world as infuriating as tangled headphone wires.

Especially when you’re getting ready for a workout, the untangling process can send you into a frustrated rage as you yank and pull at the wire, wondering how it’s even possible for something to get so twisted-up in the first place.

Of course, there are gadgets you can use to help store your ear buds neatly, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you could just get rid of the pesky wires completely?

That’s the idea behind the Dash Smart In Ear Headphones designed by German electronics company Bragi.

The buds, which were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, feature a wireless design so that when we want to exercise with music, we can actually spend more time exercising than trying to de-tangle a pair of old-fashioned earphones that actually have to be plugged in.

Wires are so 2014.

Plus, not only are they intended to eliminate the most irritating part of going to the gym, but the Dash headphones boast a pretty impressive list of additional features designed to improve almost any type of athletic training.

The headphones are Bluetooth-enabled, but can also store up to 1,000 songs, eliminating the need to carry any extra accessories.

Additionally, the tiny in-ear buds are waterproof and contain a fitness tracker that can monitor your heart rate and other data like speed, time, distance, cadence, oxygen saturation, and energy expenditure.

Tech writer Sean O'Kane wrote on The Verge that the Dash headphones are “the first truly wireless earbuds” and noted that they're also meant to be used as an “assistant" thanks to a built-in accelerometer that responds to gestures.  

“By tilting your head up, for example, you could have a voice read you the weather forecast,” he explained. “If a call comes in, you could nod to answer or reject it. Those macros can be swapped, disabled, and programmed to other functions, too. Eventually Bragi wants them to be able to work independently instead of with your phone over Bluetooth.”

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