Is Your Personal Trainer Any Good?

Certifications aren't the only factor in choosing a great trainer

In gyms across America there is a staple just as incremental as the weights, treadmills and water fountains—it’s the personal trainer.

Personal trainers have become a popular solution for those looking to improve fitness or meet specific goals. For those who lack motivation or fitness knowledge, a trainer is a great solution. [slideshow:915]

Trainers are also great business for gyms. They bring billions in revenue for fitness centers across America and despite the economic downturn in recent years people are still spending on private training sessions. The industry has seen tremendous growth and is projected to keep expanding.

If you happen to have the extra money to spend on a personal trainer, as they can get pricey, there are a few questions you should be asking.

First, do you need a personal trainer? If you’re new to fitness or a particular subset of fitness it might be a good idea to consult a professional. If you keep hurting yourself or if you can’t seem to reach your goals it might be time to bring in an expert to solve those problems. And if you’re getting sick of your routine a good personal trainer can show you a number of different ways to meet your goals without first dying of boredom.

If you’ve decided that a personal trainer is for you or if you have a personal trainer already, there are some important questions you need answered about their qualifications. You should know whether or not their worth your precious time in the gym.

How Good is Your Personal Trainer?

Has your trainer asked you about the last time you tried to lose weight? Did they record the information from your fit test? Are they overwhelmingly positive or are they way too intense? If you think official certifications are the only thing that makes a good trainer, you’re in  for a rude awakening.